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Brighter is a dynamic Australian e-learning solutions provider dedicated to improving the educational outcomes of young people.  We do this by introducing world-leading Education Technology to the classroom.

Our Product range includes: Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) or Virtual Learning Platforms (VLP), Content Software for teaching English as a first language and English as a second language (ESL); mathematics software, assessment tools, International Baccalaureate curriculum, Management Information Systems (MIS), Cloud Services and related Hardware such as interactive boards, tablets and screens.  

We represent well established companies in Australia, the UK and the USA




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La pizarra IQBoard es fácil de usar y tiene un software sencillo que resultará familiar a quienes están acostumbrados a usar el software de Microsoft. Incluye muchas herramientas de dibujo a mano alzada (lápiz, pincel, bolígrafo, plumilla, brocha)



Desde la pizarra también podemos insertar una imagen en la página para trabajar en una determinada actividad. El Software IQBoard soporta formatos .bmp, .wmf, .emf, .jpg y .jpeg. para abrir, guardar y trabajar con imágenes de manera sencilla, tanto desde un archivo como desde internet. Además cuenta con una amplia biblioteca de recursos que abarca todas las áreas de enseñanza donde encontrarás imágenes, actividades flash y mucho más…


Sólo necesitas tocar la pizarra para poder interactuar. Gracias a la superficie de sensores, puedes utilizar las manos como si fuera el ratón del ordenador, con la libertad de mover objetos, escribir, borrar, pintar, etc. Por ejemplo una vez que tengas las imágenes en la presentación cambia su tamaño y gírelas ligeramente, hasta que el resultado sea de tu agrado, Para ello presiona sobre la figura y automáticamente activarás los controladores que te permiten realizar una multitud de funciones como puedes a continuación.

A continuación, les presentamos un video explicativo del cómo se usa la pizarra interactiva IQBoard DVT

Video explicativo

Beneficios de e-learning

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From a school's perspective, e-learning is is a powerful way to optimise valuable teaching time.  Teachers commonly cite the following benefits to introducing e-learning


It allows students to be more productive. The use of computers to conduct research can significantly save time and allow students to focus on a project much longer than they would with books and paper resources only.  At the same time, it helps them develop better learning through exploration and research.

It is engaging. When technology is integrated into school lessons, learners are more likely to be interested in, focused on, and excited about the subjects they are studying. Teaching can become more interesting with virtual environments, tutoring, and the streaming of educational videos. 

It enables students to learn at their own pace. With the integration of technology, students are able to get direct, individualised instruction from the computer. This form of supplemental teaching allows them to engage with the information at times that are most convenient for them and helps them become more self-directed in the learning process. At the same time, this gives the teacher more time to accomplish classroom objectives, while freeing them up to help the students who might be struggling at times.


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E-LEARNING REFERS TO THE PROCESS OF LEARNING USING EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY. Not surprisingly, the statistical evidence strongly suggests that, when used correctly, technology can help both teachers and students succeed.


Education is no longer just about learning and memorising facts and figures; it’s about collaborating with others, solving complex problems, developing different forms of communication and leadership skills, and improving motivation and productivity.

Schools around the world are transforming their learning environments by integrating technology into their curriculum in order to improve their overall pedagogy, resulting in better outcomes for students.

Just having access to Technology won’t equip students with the skills they need to thrive. A proper approach to Education Technology is necessary to offer students access to classes, content, tests, homework, grades, assessments and an abundance of resources online.  It is this blended learning environment that will arm students with the skills they need to achieve their full potential.  

Categorias de Productos e-learning

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Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)

VLEs are a one-shop shop for all major components of education, allowing institutions to access and share information efficiently and in a secure manner.  

They give teachers and students the flexibility to create their own virtual environment including access to classes, curriculums and content, tests, homework, grades, assessments, and other external resources. Also, VLEs facilitate a social space where students and teachers can interact through threaded discussions or real-time chat.

In addition, VLEs allows common material to be reused and shared among different teachers or can be used as reference material in the future, saving valuable teaching time. 



A MIS provides a school with a suite of software covering all parts of a school's administration and business processes. It manages diverse information, such as student behaviour and achievement, student assistance rates, registration and admissions, fees and payroll and more. MIS are tailored to suit each school’s particular needs.

An MIS integrates efficiently with a VLE, and can communicate relevant information to parents and students


We provide schools with cloud solutions to host the e-learning content or management software.  Our products are flexible and we can work with existing servers or help with a complete transition to the cloud



Teaching a language includes diverse areas such as phonics, grammar, writing, reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, etc.  As such, we offer a very comprehensive product range in relation to English literacy, including software for teaching English as a second language; and software for teaching English to English speakers. Also, we offer different software for the different age groups.

Importantly, our product range includes programs focused on improving literacy skills, which will benefits a student’s overall ability to communicate in any language. For example, improving writing skills encompasses a process of organising and expressing ideas, understanding vocabulary, punctuation rules and much more; which is  a cognitive process applicable to any language.  




The international Baccalaureate curriculum is the most well-known international education program for school-aged children. In South America, it has also become the most important benchmark to ensure that students are offered a world-class education and therefore it has been widely adopted by the elite International Schools.

However, we understand that schools have to follow the national curriculum and hence the implementation of the IB curriculum can be challenging. In addition, even if the school has committed to implementing the IB curriculum, finding the appropriate content sometimes is limited but low supply options.  

The IB curriculum software that we offer has been developed by prestigious British publishers to address this problem.  As a result, schools can save valuable time by accessing the IB curriculum in an organised way, with a program that offers interactive content that is highly engaging for children.  Importantly, this curriculum includes all areas covered by the IB curriculum.




The study of mathematics equips students with a powerful set of tools to understand how the world works, including logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and the ability to think in abstract ways. This in turn helps to develop the imagination.

Mathematics can be a fascinating topic for everyone; but the challenge in teaching it is to find a way to satisfy a wide range of interests and abilities.  Traditionally, this has been virtually impossible and mathematics has been a dreaded subject by many.

Introducing e-learning software and tools focused on mathematics can largely solve this problem because it allows for individualised learning.  Content and lessons are delivered in a very engaging manner, allowing students to practice at their ability level for as long as they need to. Our product range includes a very rich mathematics component.



We see assessment software in three main categories:

Class assessment and voting software  This is a popular trend in recent years as it allows for teachers to assess students understanding in almost a game-like manner.  The purpose is for teachers to gain a quick understanding of the students' level of comprehension of a particular lesson.

Test assessment and practice – The most traditional use of assessment software.  Schools can benefit from a wide variety of content available delivered both in a test-like manner and also as  games that children enjoy. 

Software for management and reporting of assessments - Software developed to help teachers with school reports and communication with parents.



Hardware technology is an integral part to e-learning and can be defined as any tool that can be used to help promote human learning, including:

tablets, laptops and computers - the core e-learning tools. 

Intelligent boards and interactive tables - make the delivery of information more interesting

interactive software -  works very well with intelligent boards and permits the development of engaging and memorable lessons that are easy to develop. 

Video cameras and video streaming - allows for the sharing of media information in a secure manner.

These are all innovations that have helped countless people and organisations perform regular daily activities, and they are now also having a profound impact on classroom learning.